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  adaptivecells/J documentation :: design

The test bean cell is the unit of composition in the AdaptiveCells/J framework. By cloning it and adding configuration data to its XML deployment descriptor, any number of test EJBs can be created. A test-bed can have several configurations spanning any number of test beans.
As the figure below shows, the test bean uses a simulation manager, which has the responsibilities of generating the computational overhead and orchestrating the calls to the corresponding target EJBs.
The simulation manager reads the environment properties from the deployment descriptor and stores all the configurations. As requests arrive at the EJB (invocations of the simulateBusinessLogic method), the test bean passes the configuration name received to the manager, which in turn uses the configuration parameters to generate the appropriate overhead and call the target beans.

The manager can use several simulation strategies to generate the load. A simulation factory creates the appropriate simulation strategy and returns it to the manager. The current implementation of the simulation strategy uses Gaussian random number generation to induce CPU overhead, and byte array creation to induce memory overhead.