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  adaptivecells/J documentation :: installation

AdaptiveCells / J is a server-side project. It consists of a web-based fron-end and EJBs (in it's current version). Therefore, most of the installation steps are specific to your application server.

Basically, you need to follow this general procedure:

  1. Create the test-bed EAR: you can create and compile any number of EJBs (by cloning the sample ones for example). Then, you need to pack everything up into the EAR, by using the Ant script provided. This may need to be modified as well. See the customization documentation for this. This step is optional as you can start using the provided EAR.

  2. Fill in the deployment descriptors with the appropriate values, corresponding to the desired artificial configurations (see the description, structure and customization pages for more info on this). This step is optional as you can start using the provided EAR.

  3. Deploy the EAR into your application server. For example, for JBoss, this implies copying adaptivecellsj.ear into the deploy directory.

  4. The test-bed should be up and running. Refer to the running instructions for information on how to launch test configurations.


  1. Apache Ant for building the EAR : http://ant.apache.org/

  2. The BCEL library : download it here and put the bcel_VERSION_.jar in the ant lib directory.